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Security Policy Disclaimer


The WISE Visions™ takes your privacy and security seriously. Due to the technological era that we are in, we wanted to communicate effectively on ways that we will continue to make sure that your information remains protected. The WISE Visions™ only has one authorized dealer for its merchandise/brand, which is the main/secured The WISE Visions™ website domain ( The WISE Visions™ will continue to communicate effectively only through our legal domains ( and email: We also provide 24 hours and 7 days a week secure chat function on our website. This function can be utilized for timely questions and responses for The WISE Visions™, CEO Breunka S. Moten. The WISE Visions™ does not and has not ever used a third party payment App. All orders should continue to be placed through our website's secure checkout function. Please be aware that The WISE Visions™ CEO and legal team will never ask for your information through social media messaging channels, unsecured domains, and messaging channels that are not associated with The WISE Visions™. Please be aware of the latest phishing trends that are catered to businesses and their customers. Furthermore, to read more about phishing and our security policy, please click the link below:

The WISE Visions™, CEO only makes contractual deals through written contracts. All contractual deals are reviewed by The WISE Visions'™ legal team and the legal team has to be present at the time of closing. Thank you for your continuous support and for trusting The WISE Visions™. This post was for communicational and for your security purposes!

Very Respectfully,
The WISE Visions™, CEO Breunka S. Moten and Legal Team